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Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout

Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout

Bristol Beer Factory

Bristol Beer Factory Milk Stout


Item Code: 5060148130064

ABV: 4.5%

Bottle size: 500 ml

Units: 2.3 Alc.per item

Bottle Conditioned


Price: £2.50


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Sweet, black and extremely full-bodied. Unfermentable Lactose sugar (added during the boil) sweetens the Chocolate and Black Malt derived roast / burnt flavours.
Ingredients: Maris Otter Pale Malt, Crystal, Chocolate & Black Malts. Challenger Hops.
An historic beer, recreated for the modern drinker.



CAMRA National Champion (Stout) 2009
CAMRA Champion Beer of Bristol 2006 and 2007
CAMRA Reserve Champion 2008
SIBA Southwest Silver 2007
2010 Taste of the West Gold
4.5% Finest Creamy Stout

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What is Bottled Condition Ale?

  Bottle conditioned ales are beers which use yeast to give the beer a natural carbonation. This is considered to be the best method to preserve the flavour and character of the beer in the bottle as it mimics the technique used by traditional craft brewers who use yeast in the cask to give the beer a subtle carbonation combined with distinct flavours. 

The yeast in the bottle can take various forms. Traditionally the yeast has been of a type which requires careful handling, and if agitated, would need to be left to settle again. The yeast if left in suspension in the beer would definitely alter the flavour, although for some beer styles such as traditional wheat beers the yeast is considered to part of the overall flavour as the high wheat content would make it difficult for the beer to remain bright. Many brewers today prefer to use what is called a ‘sticky’ yeast which will fix fairly firmly to the bottom of the bottle if disturbed and is more ‘user friendly’

Whatever technique is used you should always pour BCAs with care in one movement, leaving the yeast in the bottle as you see it approach the neck.

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